The Old West Company

A few photos of the Old American West (remnants of what was) can be found on the three "Gallery" pages. Old West costumes put on display by your web host "The Captain" and others are found on the two "Costume" pages, a couple of reenacting events in Texas are documented at "Reenacting," and then there is a page of fictionalized handbills, broadsides, and Wanted posters at "Posters" and a few model photos by The Captain of Old West stuff on the "Models" page. Have fun!

American West Scenery

Ghost Towns and Historic Sites

Barbed Wire, Windmills & Sixguns

Western Movie Locations

Western movies are not hot right now. I think the last Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp and Barry Sonnenfeld's Wild Wild West did a lot of harm to the genre. I t may be a long time before Hollywood will try a western on the big screen. There are some good western scripts out there just waiting for a "little" money.

our passion is the American West

The Old West Company's 740 page book of lists. A book of Trivia, Fact, and Folklore About Westerns & The American West. What, you say? You like ghost towns? Steam railroads?  Old west weapons? A little history? Western words of wisdom? The famous outlaws and gunfighters? Click here to learn more but that will send you to another don't leave just yet, by cracky!

Photos of the American West