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our passion is the American West

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Too-Tough-To-Die Killer Harvey Rhames

Bounty Hunter Ed Morrison

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(Models include the above plus: Roger Lawhead, Chongok Dziak, Wilkie Ross, James Kirkpatrick, Michael Murray, Bailey Arnold, Nicole Barrara, and Decklan Peña)

More Old West Impressions on Costumes II:

How mean can you look to become an outlaw or banker in the Old West?

(Photographers: Michael J. Smith, Glynda Smith, Jo M. Hames, Kris Ford, C.R. Nowell, John Kizirian, Art Burnett, and The Captain)

Click on any image below to enlarge. Some impressions are better than others, but they all can provide inspiration for your outfit.

Characters of the Old West presented here by The Captain and others willing to stand in front of a camera.

Old West Impressions I