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our passion is the American West
Ancient villages of the American West

Towers, Cupolas, & Belfrays

Captain Kirk, the photographer of these images, started in the 1980s to travel around the West—frequently jumping out of the car—to capture some of this architectural history before it disappeared. He shot these images with a Nikon camera. The Kodak and Fuji film would be mounted in cardboard slides that could only be enjoyed by setting up a slide projector and reflective screen in one’s living room. Digital technology has made it possible to now expand the audience who can now enjoy—and make useful in research—these images.

What's left of the Amerian West: dilipidation
What's left of the American West
Fictional wanted posters of the Old West

Antiques & Artificats

Signage Out West

Log cabins for the early settlers.

Ranching & Critters

Lumber industry, a significant source of progress.

Cemeteries of the West

Wagons of the American West

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19th century Victorian homes of America.
The Look of the West!
All images lensed by Don "Captain" Kirk

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Wanted Posters

Tourist $ Historic Towns

Scale Models

Old West Impressions

Western Wagons

Redrock Canyon Territory Theme Park design concept by Don Kirk
Homesteads of the 19th Century photos

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Abandoned Vehicles & Oil Wells

Clothing of the American west
Early 20th-century old west out west.


Cemeteries of the American West

Service Stations

Mining, an industry that made America prosper.


Stoves & Washing Machines

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Doors & Windows

Barns of the American West
Antiques & Artifacts of the American West
No water without windmills.

Historic Churches

Log Cabins

Siding & Wall Textures

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The Old West Company

Period reenacting


Stoves and sewing machines of the Old West

Victorian Homes

Outhouses, a way to keep the area clean.

Spanish Missions

Historic Victorian architecture of the small towns.
Siding and Wall Finishes used in the American West
Fenestrations of Western Architecture

Adobe & Stone Ruins


The signs found in the Old West

Native Americans COMING

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Service Staions of the 1950's and earlier.

Weathering Details

Scale Models of western archtecture
Abandoned towns of the American West


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